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"Don't overly favour the co-located team. Teams at Tasktop use an electronic backlog and open source Agile planning tools. We don't have physical task boards; it's all in the tools. When teams work with a partner organization they choose a tool and everyone uses that. We always have a shared task board and issue tracker. Distributed teams work successfully at Tasktop. It takes different ways of working to make distribution a success. The best way to deal with a distributed team is not to distribute it, but that isn't reality anymore."
- Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop, Distributed Agile Teams: Achieving the Benefits

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"Tasktop, or Mylyn on steroids, is a pretty cool way of integrating everything I do into one UI. The idea of having a context for web and local files I'm working on all in one trackable, toggleable interface, with connections to GMail and Google Calendar makes the whole thing very slick."
- Nick Boldt, Release Engineer, Eclipse Modeling Project
"I've been using Tasktop daily for the last few months and I highly recommend it. I love the ability not just to have a task list (which is nothing special in itself) but to associate a context with each task and be able to switch quickly and easily between tasks. Great when the phone rings..."
- Rod Johnson, CEO of SpringSource
"I'm hooked ... the real power lies in the way Tasktop organizes artifacts around tasks. Search time has almost been eliminated..."
- Steve Blass, Network World
"Tasktop's concept is great. I have waited a long time to find this kind of application. The focus on the task is right metaphor and answer to today's information overload."
- Dominik Holenstein, 3M
"We are very happy with Tasktop and have seen dramatic enhancements in our work. Everyone who is getting involved has really reclaimed their workday. My colleagues and I couldn't go without the benefits of working with Tasktop even for a day."
- Jan Hoppe, Prinect Development, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
"Mylyn is beautiful in its simplicity. It helps me focus on what I need to do, one task at a time, and helps me get back on track quickly after dealing with an interruption. Tasktop's email integration has been the fastest way to achieve and maintain inbox-zero. No more 'Hold' and 'Action' email folders; everything that requires more than 2 minutes of effort gets dragged into the Task folder for consumption by Mylyn. It's just that easy. Mylyn and Tasktop are simply the best reasons to use Eclipse as a development platform."
- Mark Kempster, Lead Developer, CSC
"Wow! Way to go guys on the latest EA Build. I have been away in Europe for a month and I come back and everything I asked for is in there. So far this reporting mechanism works like a charm and is even more than I expected. Tasktop keeps getting better for me..."
- Kevin Williams, Lead Programmer, Destination Cairns Marketing, Australia

Blog Posts - ColdFusion: Mylyn Rocks, Mylyn Rocks
"I feel like I am in Battlestar Galactica when using Mylyn to work inside Eclipse. Task focused user interface is the future and the future is now."
SD Times: Tasktop Pro keeps up with Eclipse Mylyn release
"Tasktop Pro now provides integrations for nearly all of the leading agile project-tracking tools, and connects them seamlessly to open-source solutions."
Application Development Tools blog: Tasktop Grows with Eclipse Mylyn
"Mylyn has a way of dealing with unstructured text that is very popular among developers. It has a way of cross-linking among your source code, your bug-tracking system -- all of this stuff that developers and development managers use to track a project in the actual code itself."
Xconomy: Tasktop Finds Path to Profits, Via a More Efficient Interface Inspired by Brain Science
"We're the glue. We don't have a direct competitor on the task-focused side."
AccuRev Blog: Developer Recipes: AccuRev + JIRA + Eclipse using Mylyn
"Have you heard of the Eclipse Mylyn project? Seriously, it'll bring a tear to your eye. In short, Mylyn is a generic framework for 'task management' within Eclipse and has a number of connectors to tools like JIRA, Bugzilla, and Trac. Guess what? You can interact with JIRA directly within Eclipse. It's sick! seriously."
David Irving: Improving Productivity in Zend Studio 6.1 using Mylyn
"I really recommend that you check the plugin out and integrate it into your work process as it makes everything a little bit easier."
3car: 35 Useful Source Code Editors Reviewed
"And to get the ultimate productivity boost, check out the Mylyn extension."
Jim Downing - Coding trombonist Mylyn salves issue tracker irritation
"Until last Friday, I didn't really know what Mylyn was. Today, I'm sold. With Mylyn, you can query and modify issues from issue tracking systems from a consistent interface in Eclipse. A godsend if you are meant to be pulling tasks from and mintaining several different systems (e.g. trac, sourceforge). I'm sure Mylyn does way more than this, but for me, getting those tasks into my IDE is worth the admission alone."
Green's Opinion Focus Your Work Week (Even More): Beyond Mylyn 3.0
"Mylyn and Tasktop provide a revolutionary approach to focusing the Eclipse UI. They work on the concept of having a task 'context', that defines a degree of interest (DOI) for resources related to a task. We can make this task context even richer and deliver efficiencies by providing first-class integration of our MDD tools with Mylyn." Mylyn Task Focus Interface for Eclipse
"This is another must have Eclipse tool for project implementation using Eclipse."
Random Ramblings!: Day 3 of JavaOne!
"...the lure of the "zen programmer's mind". That state of mind where code just seems to flow, where we make no mistakes and are invincible! "
Xebia Blog: JavaOne 2008 Day Three
"So my next project we all are going to use Mylyn, so that we can track the work that has been done and improve on our estimates. The added benefit of pairing and taking over will simplify pair programming."
output >> /dev/null: Session restore (sort of) in Eclipse with Mylyn
"Mylyn is great for helping you focus on your programming tasks. It stays out of your way for the most part but is easily accessible when you need it. Once you start using it, you really wished that every IDE out there (including the venerable IntelliJ) supported it."
OM Developer Insights: Eclipse Europa - Mylyn
"And the way Mylyn is implemented is so cleverly simple. It doesn't try to do anything like analyzing code or grouping or any "advanced" techniques. It just records what files get opened as you move around Eclipse, building up its list of files that you think are important for the task."
John Ferguson Smart: Mylyn 2.0 Keeps You Focused on the Task at Hand
"Under the modest guise of a system for to-do list management, Mylyn actually is an extremely powerful productivity booster, and certainly one of the most innovative Eclipse plugins around. Viewing and consulting all your tasks and to-do lists directly from within Eclipse is an invaluable time-saver. And by proactively filtering out irrelevant distractions and highlighting key information, Mylyn lets you stay focused on the task at hand and get the job done more quickly and efficiently."
Daniel Spiewak: Mylyn Doesn't Work with Assembla Trac
"Is Mylyn about to become the golden standard against which all issue tracking services must measure themselves?"
Denis Roy: Mylyn: Indispensable
"... I don't think I can live without it any more."