Eclipse DemoCamp 2012, June 25th, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tasktop Technologies, the Eclipse Foundation, and VMware hosted Eclipse Juno DemoCamp in downtown Vancouver. The DemoCamp brough Eclipse enthusiasts, faculty and students who work with the Eclipse IDE. There was a number of short presentations, as well as a chance to socialize over free drinks and snacks. View the photos made during the event or see the Eclipse DemoCamp wiki page for more information.


The evening started off with brief audience Introductions:

Audience introductings included one participant, Jennifer Baldwin, who was participating and presenting remotely over Skype:

Audience introductions were followed by a short introduction from Tasktop, presented by David Green, VP of Development at Tasktop:

Main DemoCamp presentations followed, staring with with a presentation by Nick Sawadsky, from UBC Software Practices Lab who presented 'Reverb: Dynamic Bookmarks for Developers':

Presentation by Alex Bradley: 'Collage Framework and Code Markup Tools' was next:

The presentation following that was titled 'AVA: Assembly Visualization and Analysis' and was co-presented by Jennifer Baldwin (speaking over Skype) & Yvonne Coady from University of Victoria:

After a short break, Andrew Eiseneberg of WMware presented 'Rigel: A new approach to JavaScript editing based on the Eclipse Orion Editor'.

The last presentation of the day was 'jimu: Build sophisticated Android apps in minutes, using building blocks' by Linton Ye:

Before, during, and after the presentations, the audience enjoyed delicious snacks, socializing and a networking game with prizes:

Jan Julian was the lucky winner of the networking game, seen here receiving a prize from Kris De Volder:

Although there could only be one winner of the networking game, everyone who attended the DemoCamp walked away with a groovy green USB stick:

See you all next year!