Agile ALM Pain Points

  • Agile is promising big returns, yet few have the ALM integration necessary to realize measurable productivity gains.
  • Due to a lack of integration with their work processes and tools, too many developers are resisting the move to Agile.
  • Managers continue to struggle with the lack of visibility between planning and software production.
  • Agile Planning works quite well when there is one system of record; however many companies have multiple systems and often need dependencies to span repositories.

Tasktop Agile Planner

The Tasktop Agile Planner leverages Mylyn connectors to address these pain points by giving Agile teams the ability to manage existing defect and project management systems directly from Eclipse, making it effortless to maintain project status awareness and keep plans up-to-date. Tasktop uniquely provides planning support that spans across multiple vendors' solutions. For example, a story in Rally can be associated with defects in external systems such as JIRA and Bugzilla. The planner is available as both a rich desktop client and Eclipse plugin with support for Tasktop Certified Agile project management solutions including Rally and HP Agile Accelerator. Additional Agile solutions will be added in future releases and upon request.

Tasktop Agile Planner is included in Tasktop Dev Enterprise only and is not available with Tasktop Dev Pro.

The Task Board view provides a visual representation of project status right in the IDE

Key Features & Benefits

  • Task Federation. Only the Tasktop Agile Planner has the ability to show plans that span multiple ALM systems. For example, plans created in an Agile tool can include dependencies on artifacts from defect trackers or other ALM systems. This provides visibility and traceability across heterogeneous ALM stacks deployed throughout the organization and even external open source repositories. No new servers are needed as all of the cross-repository information is stored in your existing ALM tools.
  • IDE Integration. The a native and offline-capable Scrum style task board and release planner is fully integrated with the Eclipse IDE. Additional relevant content from your web-based planning tool, such as burn down charts, is available when connected by embedding web UI gadgets. For product owners and project leads the planner is also available in the standalone Tasktop desktop application.
  • Developer Focus. Whereas most tools focus on project-level views, the Tasktop Planner supports developer centric workflows such as highlighting everything assigned to you for the current Sprint or populating your Task List with everything assigned to you for an iteration. Everything you need for your daily Scrum or release planning is always at your fingertips.
  • Automatic Time Tracking. The Tasktop Planner uses time values form from Tasktop's automatic time tracking facility to make Agile estimation much more realistic.
  • Many Supported Tools. Agile plans can be displayed from HP's Agile Accelerator and Rally. More tools will be supported in subsequent releases. All Tasktop Certified connectors are supported as targets for cross-repository plans.

Rich editors enable cross-repository iteration planning directly in the IDE

Agile Planner Sneak Peak during the Agile 2010 Conference

During a recent Agile 2010 Conference, Mik Kersten introduced Tasktop Agile Planner Beta, described the rationale for the creation of the tool, and the benefits that it offers to development teams.

Watch Mik Kersten's Introduce Tasktop Agile Planner Beta (3 min)
Watch Introduction to Agile Video

Agile Planning Webinar

During a recent webinar, Doug Janzen demonstrated how Agile Planning works and explained why it is so important to have Agile tools be able to reach across repositories to be truly usable by companies.

Watch Doug Jenzen's Webinar on Cross-Repository Agile Planning (30 min)
Watch Agile Webinar

Get the Tasktop Agile Planner

The Tasktop Agile Planner is included with Tasktop Dev Enterprise which is available for download with a free 30 day trial.