Summertime and the Integration is Easy

There is a saying that the only things you can be certain of in life are death and taxes. At Tasktop there is another certainty, every three months we release software. Our regular delivery cadence has become a heartbeat for Tasktop, delivering innovation in regular, consumable chunks.  And today, July 28th 2015 we announced the next release of our software.
The July release includes new versions of Tasktop Sync and Tasktop Data with a lot of new features and new systems to connect to.

Tasktop Sim-Shipping with Visual Studio 2015

We’re proud to announce that we will be sim-shipping a new release of Tasktop Sync with support for the upcoming release of Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015!

Tasktop Certified Services Program

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new Tasktop Certified Services Program! The Tasktop Certified Services Program enables Partners to provide Tasktop Sync professional services. Certified Services Partners learn Tasktop’s tried-and-true deployment methodologies through the Tasktop University training courses. Joining us in our announcement are the first Tasktop Certified Services Partners:  A Better Solution, IntelliQA, and Sodius.

HP Discover 2015: What Happened In Vegas

This was the last HP Discover with a combined agenda; moving forward the conference will be split between hardware and software products and services.

ALM Forum Industry Panel

Meet the Interns: Nicholas Folk, Junior Software Engineer

When I first applied to Tasktop, I admittedly had not heard much about the company. What drew me to the company was when I personally visited for my onsite interview. Almost everyone in the Vancouver office works in one wide open room with floor to ceiling windows giving off a bright and amicable atmosphere where everyone is approachable.

Why Integration requires a combination of linking and syncing

Since its inception, Tasktop has been involved with Open Service for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC).  We co-authored the original specification with IBM and continue to work on the OSLC core technical committee. OSLC provides a set of open standards for connecting lifecycle tools to enable cross team traceability and collaboration. Based on the W3C linked data specification, OSLC enables links to be established across tools, repositories and projects.

Tasktop Sync 4.2 Released

I’m thrilled to announce the latest release of Tasktop Sync; as always, we have a terrific mixture of enhancements! With each release we typically add new systems to the Sync Integration Network, as well as adding additional features for systems that we previously added. And Tasktop Sync 4.2 is no exception.

Meet the Individuals Responsible for Tasktop's Customer Journey

As part of our growth at Tasktop, it has been critical that we add in key leaders to sustain and facilitate that growth into the future. I’m thrilled to be talking about the new group of sales leaders we have at Tasktop and feel privileged to be working with this outstanding group.

IEEE DevOps Unleashed calls for a holistic approach to DevOps

Austin is famous for many things, but in the tech community South By Southwest (SXSW) has emerged as one of the go to events for technical innovation. SXSW is considered to be the launch pad for getting the word out on many great ideas. So, when I was asked to speak at IEEE DevOps Unleashed I was excited about the chance to connect with the Austin technical community and catch a little bit of the South By magic without having to deal with the crowds of the real event.