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by Benjamin Muskalla, May 31st, 2011

Ever wondered what is going on inside the brain of people working at Tasktop?
Skills Matter
Last week, I had to honor to speak at Skills Matter, Europe’s largest provider of open-source and agile trainings in the London area. It was a great time in London and Skills Matter was kind enough to provide a recorded version of the talk for people who could not attend.

As part of their branding, the talk was titled: “In The Brain of Benjamin Muskalla: Mylyn: Closing the Agile ALM loop with task-focused collaboration” so I thought: when you’re able to know what’s going on in my brain, I don’t even need to talk about anything. You’ll expierence some silence up to 5:20 as we forgot to turn on the microphone. As the whole talk is about 1:20h, it’s still worth watching it if you want to find out how to do task-focused collaboration with Mylyn and Tasktop. In addition, there is a quick outlook in the connectors coming up around code review with Gerrit and the Git integration for Mylyn.

You can watch the whole talk at the Skills Matter website.

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About Benjamin Muskalla

Benjamin Muskalla is a software developer at Tasktop Technologies in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is an active committer on Mylyn (Versions, Builds) and EGit, the Git integration for Eclipse. Ben also contributes to several other Eclipse projects including RAP, Platform UI and JDT. Ben has been deeply involved in the Eclipse community for more than six years and is a regular speaker and author on Eclipse-related topics. Ben is passionate about the quality of the Eclipse community and the transformational productivity gains that Eclipse and Mylyn enable.

2 Responses to “Mylyn visiting Skills Matter”

  1. Lars Vogel Says:

    I believe the video is without sound, at least under windows.

  2. Benjamin Muskalla Says:

    Lars, as mentioned in the blog post, the mic was off for the first five minutes. After 5:20, I can clearly hear myself :)

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