Vancouver is Alive with Leading Moms

by Gail Murphy, October 3rd, 2012

Today, I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the Leading Moms event in Vancouver. I was blown away by the talks I heard, stories of women and moms changing the world from Vancouver be it setting up birthing centers in Uganda to the environmental and health improvements biotechnology can bring us.

I had the chance to speak on something about technology that personally resonates with me. The choice was easy. Eight or so years ago when Mik Kersten and I first started working on the ideas behind task-focused interfaces, my work days and in fact my life started to change. I chose to share some of those experiences by speaking about The Power of Tasks.

The basic concepts of actionable tasks, separated by categories with schedule and due dates can really make a difference in one’s productivity, in freeing one’s mind from the details to allow for creativity and in simply getting things done. This power of tasks is available to software developers through Mylyn and Tasktop Dev. One day in the future, hopefully every mom can also benefit from this technology to make their lives better.

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About Gail Murphy

Dr. Gail Murphy is a leading researcher on software evolution and tools. She brings to Tasktop her years of experience as a software developer and as the principal investigator of a large research group. In recognition of her research, Gail has been a keynote speaker at several software engineering conferences and has also received both national awards, such as the NSERC Steacie fellowship, and international awards, such as the AITO Dahl-Nygaard Junior Prize, a University of Washington College of Engineering Diamond Award and an ACM Distinguished Scientist award.

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