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Tasktop Sync integration for IBM Rational ClearQuest allows you to access your change requests from within other ALM tools to quickly view and update requests without leaving your ALM tool of choice, or repeatedly switching to a ClearQuest client or web browser.

Tasktop Sync integration for IBM Rational ClearCase streamlines development by automatically tagging commits and grouping modified files by the relevant change request. This streamlines development by linking each line of code to the relevant task and enables developers to commit or revert only the changes corresponding to a particular change request.

Please note: The Tasktop Sync connector for IBM Rational ClearQuest requires the purchase of additional services.

  • Features

  • Benefits

    • Access ClearQuest change requests from the IDE.  Tasktop Dev integration for ClearQuest enables developers to see their ClearQuest work items from the comfort of their IDE.
    • Associate code context to ClearQuest record.  Tasktop Dev Integration for ClearQuest allows developers to connect context, including code and other artifacts to the ClearQuest record.
    • Integration with ClearCase.  By integrating ClearCase, Tasktop Dev enables automatic commit comment generation, code linkage and code change set management.
    • Make ClearQuest a natural part of the developer experience. Tasktop Dev enables developers to work from their IDE with ClearQuest records. This increases productivity and quality by reducing the number of clicks and time spent outside of the developer experience.
    • Link context to ClearQuest record. By providing integrated context, Tasktop Dev allows developers to not only associate their work context with a ClearQuest record, but also share that context with other developers.
    • Automated change management integration. By extending the power of Unified Change Management provided by ClearQuest and ClearCase, Tasktop Dev integrates change sets with ClearQuest records. This allows stronger audit control and better change management.