• Connect Firefox toTasktop

    • Pages visited in Firefox are tracked with your active task in Tasktop
    • The Tasktop navigator shows you the most relevant pages
    • Re-activate a task to automatically restore relevant pages in Firefox browser tabs
I agree to the Tasktop End User Software License

Installation Instructions: Click download using Firefox. If the add-on does not install, click File > Open and select the downloaded xpi file.

Getting Started withFocused Firefox Browsing

  • Note for Mac users: If you are seeing "A copy of Firefox is already open" dialog when opening pages from Tasktop/Eclipse, please follow the instructions on the FAQ.
  • Enable Firefox as your default browser in Tasktop. Navigate to Tasktop Home > Feature Overview (tab) and click the Firefox link under the Web Browsing section.

  • Enable the Tasktop Add-on in Firefox via the Tasktop button in the Firefox toolbar

  • Once enabled, you will see indication of this in the bottom right hand corner of the browser
  • Activate a task in Tasktop. Watch as the pages you visit in Firefox populate the Navigator view in Tasktop.

  • When you deactivate the task, the pages will be closed. Reactivate the task and the pages are automatically restored.

  • Accessing Add-on Options