Tasktop for HP ALM Tasktop provides industry-leading support for HP Quality Center (QC) and HP ALM with both Tasktop Dev and Tasktop Sync products. Tasktop has a very strong relationship with HP, as Tasktop Dev and Tasktop Sync integrate with HP ALM and HP Quality Center. This integration enables HP users to be integrated into development, project management and requirements management, allowing requirements, work items, test artifacts and defects to be managed within HP ALM while be worked on in other tools used by other groups. Through Tasktop Sync, Tasktop's server-based integration hub, data is synchronized between HP QC / ALM and third party tools without the users of either tool knowing that the record they are working on is also being worked on in other tools. This ‘invisible’ integration allows for a truly integrated lifecycle that increases transparency, governance and collaboration. Tasktop Dev, which forms a major part of HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence, provides developers with access to HP QC and HP ALM artifacts from the comfort of their Eclipse or Visual Studio IDE.


Tasktop Sync provides a server-based integration hub that connects HP QC / ALM to other third party tools. This allows users of HP QC to see data that is being worked on in third party tools and collaborate on the same artifacts. By synchronizing data from HP to third party tools, managers have the ability to use reporting and traceability within HP QC / ALM whilst the work is being done on other tools.

Tasktop Dev offers IDE-based integration of HP ALM and HP QC for Visual Studio or Eclipse IDE. Tasktop Dev adds HP ALM / QC to the Eclipse Mylyn's task list and connects HP QC / ALM to 70+ ALM repositories at the IDE level. In addition, Tasktop Dev provides the ability to work with tasks, track and report time, integrate Outlook email with the task list, and track web pages and documents associated with each task. Tasktop Dev was OEM'd by HP as part of the Application Lifecycle Integration (ALI), part of the HP ALM.