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To avoid the requirements process from becoming a bottleneck, software delivery organizations need to ensure that requirements from IBM Rational RequisitePro are integrated into the tools used by the different stakeholders. In today's software delivery organizations, requirements are not just the province of Business Analysts or Requirements Engineers but are pervasive throughout the software delivery process. They are defined, reviewed, worked on and tested by many including the business, architecture, development, QA and release groups. The pervasive nature of requirements has led organizations to create complex workflows, processes, meetings and documents to ensure that everyone is working on the right requirement and that the right people are involved. Unfortunately that process has slowed down development, increased costs and often meant the requirements fall into disrepair as the support is considered to be an overhead.

The Tasktop Sync Solution for ReqPro

Tasktop Sync provides a stateless integration hub that allows requirements to be synchronized from ReqPro to the rest of an organization's software delivery tools. This enables organizations to flow requirements from one tool to another tool in the software delivery value chain with no need for users to create reports, run extracts or attend meetings. The requirements are synchronized in real-time, allowing different stakeholders to review them in the context of their own tool.

Although requirements processes vary widely, a common pattern that we've seen is:

  • A business analyst creates requirements in IBM ReqPro.
  • Tasktop Sync then synchronizes those requirements with development and testing tools.
  • The development team uses those requirements to drive task planning with those tasks driving development activities, building processes and configuration management change sets.
  • The tester will similarly use the requirements to drive the creation of test plans and test cases which will be linked to the original requirement.
  • The developer can add a note in their development tool e.g., JIRA, and Tasktop Sync will synchronize that note to both IBM ReqPro and to the tester.
All stakeholders in the software delivery process are kept abreast of the latest comments or changes to the requirements and, with Tasktop Sync for IBM ReqPro, cross-discipline reporting and impact analysis becomes a reality.
  • Features

  • Benefits

    • OSLC linking for requirements from ReqPro
    • Enables requirements from Req Pro to flow between the different tools used to deliver software.
    • Optimizes the user experience by allowing requirements from Req Pro to be worked on in the users tool of choice.
    • Ensures requirements in Req Pro are up to date for everyone.
    • Provide traceability of requirements to test and development.
    • Allow for cross tool requirements reporting in Req Pro.
    • Manage the requirements process defined in Req Pro in all the tools touching requirements.
    • Ensure real time requirements data integrit
    • Enables requirements to flow between the different tools used to deliver software
    • Optimizes the user experience by allowing requirements to be worked on in the users tool of choice
    • Ensures requirements are up to date for everyone
    • Provides traceability of requirements across test/QA and development
    • Allows for cross tool requirements reporting from your preferred tool
    • Manages the requirements process in different tools
    • Ensures real-time requirements data integrity
    • Gets return on investment (ROI) on existing requirement tools