The Polarion Mylyn Connector improves project visibility and drives productivity by providing direct access to Polarion Track & Wiki and Polarion Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) from within the Eclipse IDE.

Polarion Track & Wiki provides an all-in-one bug tracking, wiki collaboration and version control solution. Polarion ALM provides a full-featured ALM platform with support for requirements, tests, Agile development andmore. The Polarion Connector provides direct access to both Polarion Track & Wiki or Polarion ALM from within the Eclipse IDE or a standalone desktop application. The connector supports advanced features such as time tracking reports, work records, revision history, and flexible relationships between tasks. Watch video.

    Get the Polarion Connector

    Get started now with the 30-Day Polarion Connector trial.

    The Polarion Connector is available as part of the Tasktop Dev Pro + Track & Wiki bundle or separately
    with Tasktop Dev Pro or Enterprise.

    Tasktop Dev Pro + Track & Wiki Bundle

      Tasktop Dev Pro +
    Track & Wiki Bundle
    Polarion Connector Yes
    Polarion Track & Wiki Yes
    Tasktop Dev Pro Features Yes

    To get started, install the Polarion Connector and download Track & Wiki from Polarion. The Polarion Connector is free for up to three users connected to a Polarion Track & Wiki server. Contact Polarion for details and bundle pricing for the number of users you require.

    Get Tasktop with the Polarion Connector

    The Polarion Connector for Track & Wiki and Polaron ALM is also available separately for Tasktop Dev Pro or Tasktop Dev Enterprise at no additional cost. The Polarion Connector supports both Polarion 2010 through 2013. You can purchase the Polarion Connector with Tasktop or get started by installing the 30-Day free trial.

    Polarion Connector Feature Tour

  • Integrated task list

    • View work items in the Task List
    • Query Polarion for work items to display in the Task List
    • Instant local search for work items
    • Receive integrated change notifications when your work items are updated
  • Screenshot
  • Rich Work Item Editor

    • Edit and submit changes to work items using an integrated rich editor
    • Track and report time spent on each Polarion work item
    • Create and navigate links between work items
    • View code revision history for a given work item
  • Screenshot
  • View only the relevant code

    • Take advantage of task-focused programming productivity
    • See only the code relevant for the active task
    • Share the "context" of relevant code with your team
  • Screenshot