Tasktop provides industry-leading support for Rally with both Tasktop Dev and Tasktop Sync products.

Tasktop has a strong working relationship with Rally first developing Eclipse and Visual Studio integration with Tasktop Dev and then adding the integration server capabilities of Tasktop Sync. By providing integrations either for the developer with Tasktop Dev or for the whole team with Tasktop Sync Tasktop extends the value of Rally by connecting to other tools in the lifecycle. Rally is an Agile management tool, but often its Agility is undermined by other tools being used in the stack such as HP QC for test management, or Microsoft TFS for development. By connecting Rally to the whole lifecycle, you reduce the disconnect between agile planning and the other disciplines.


Tasktop Sync provides real time integration from external 3rd party products to Rally. By connecting these 3rd party tools to Rally, users can see 3rd party data within Rally, collaborate on artifacts and execute consistent workflow across the tool stack. By connecting Rally to external tools, organizations can better leverage the strengths of the other tools such as test or requirements management, while using Rally to manage the backlog, run stand-ups and drive the delivery process. This combined solution offers end to end, heterogeneous lifecycle solution allowing Rally to be an enterprise Agile ALM tool for the whole lifecycle.

Building on top of the power of Mylyn, Tasktop Dev for Rally provides comprehensive IDE integration for both Visual Studio or Eclipse IDE. Tasktop Dev unlocks the power of Rally in the context of the IDE, allowing developers to find and connect to artifacts while working in their native IDE. Tasktop Dev expands on Mylyn by providing commercial support for developer productivity, personnel task management and a task oriented interface.