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IBM Rational Team Concert is the flagship ALM product from IBM Rational. Built on the Jazz platform, it helps companies manage the process of software delivery. When combined with Tasktop Sync, organizations can manage all project artifacts within RTC, and RTC artifacts can be surfaced outside of RTC, allowing a flexible yet managed development approach across your heterogeneous tools stack.  Tasktop Sync enables ALM professionals to define how RTC artifacts integrate with third party tools. This allows defects, work items, and any RTC artifacts to be mapped to third party artifacts, such as defects in HP QC or issues in Atlassian JIRA. See also Tasktop Dev connector for IBM RTC.

Watch brief overview of Tasktop Sync integration for IBM RTC V4 (5 min)

  • Features

  • Benefits

    • Synchronize and link RTC artifacts to third party tools with Tasktop Sync, a server based integration hub.
    • Visual map RTC artifacts to third party artifacts and see how attributes and process map between the two tools.
    • Cross-project monitoring, which allows the ALM administrator to see artifacts move between tools.
    • Support for RTC reporting and traceability, even if the artifacts neither originate nor are owned by RTC.
    • Improve team collaboration by connecting RTC to third party tools and allow artifacts to be synchronized across the lifecycle.
    • Enable consistent RTC-defined process to be surfaced in third party tools.
    • Support cross tool traceability and reporting, removing the need for manual processes and spreadsheets.
    • Allow RTC to connect to ¬†external tools outside of the firewall.