SmartBear CodeCollaborator simplifies and expedites the peer code review process, making it easy and fun to share expertise and find bugs early. The CodeCollaborator Mylyn Connector allows you to manage reviews in Eclipse from a unified Task List alongside tasks from more than 50 ALM solutions. The Connector makes the review process more efficient by taking advantage of task-focused interface technology to display only the code that is relevant for a given code review.

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To get started with task-focused peer code reviews:

  • Manage reviews from a unified task list

    • CodeCollaborator code reviews appear in a unified Task List alongside tasks from defect tracking and project management systems
    • Integrated notification icons provide instant awareness of changes in code review status
    • Link code reviews with defects and features from dozens of bug tracking and project management systems
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  • Review only the relevant code

    • Reviewers see only the code relevant for the active code review, whether the developer committed the code or not
    • The context of relevant code for a defect or feature can be attached to a new review
    • Reviewers simply "activate" the context to filter the IDE to show only the code relevant for the review
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  • Augmented Rich Review Editor

    • Create and track relationships between reviews and defects or features in other systems
    • All SmartBear CodeCollaborator features for performing the review are accessible from the Review tab of the task editor
    • Schedule and prioritize code review tasks
    • Track and report time spent on reviews or simply report the reviews that received attention for a given period
    • Make changes while offline and submit later
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  • Control which reviews are presented

    • Developers can easily select the reviews to appear in the Task List
    • Create multiple "Queries" for reviews of interest
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