Tasktop provides industry-leading support for Thoughtworks Mingle with both Tasktop Dev and Tasktop Sync products.

Tasktop provides developers the ability to access the capabilities in Mingle from their IDE of choice with support in Tasktop Dev.

Tasktop Sync connects Mingle to other tools in the lifecycle, allowing all members of the team to collaborate on shared artifacts. By connecting Mingle to the rest of the software development and delivery lifecycle, you reduce the disconnect between agile planning and the other members of the extended software development and delivery team.


Tasktop Sync provides a server-based integration hub that connects Mingle to other third party tools. This allows users of Mingle to see data that is being worked on in third party tools and collaborate on the same artifacts. By synchronizing data from MIngle to third party tools, managers have the ability to use reporting and traceability within Mingle while the work is being done on other tools.

Tasktop Dev offers IDE-based integration for Mingle. The Mingle Mylyn Connector integrates Mingle's agile planning and project management platform with any Tasktop-enabled Eclipse-based IDE. Through integration with Tasktop Dev Pro and Tasktop Dev Enterprise, the Mingle Connector also provides a standalone rich client application with offline access to Mingle cards.