• Access your task tracker from Tasktop

    • Use Tasktop as a rich desktop client to view and update bugs
    • Query your bug tracker for tasks
    • Access and edit shared tasks when offline
    • See change notifications in Tasktop rather than your email inbox
    • Built-in connector for Bugzilla; one- step install for Jira, Rally, and CollabNet. Also supports compatible Mylyn connectors.
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  • Know what to do next with powerful task scheduling

    • Focus the task list to see just the tasks scheduled for this week
    • See tasks scheduled for today in blue
    • Optionally set a due date to turn a task red when overdue
    • See just the tasks for a particular project
    • Tasks and Calendar Video [4 min]
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  • Know where your time goes with automated time tracking

    • The time tracking dashboard provides an overview of what you worked on each day
    • Pie charts show you the proportion of time spent on each category and working set
    • Customizable reports show you the details for any time period
    • Export to HTML or CSV
    • Time Tracking and Reporting video [6 min]
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  • See your appointments in Tasktop

    • Synchronize your task list with Outlook and Google calendars
    • Know what is the next appointment for you and your team
    • Easy access to appointments in the next few days
    • Access your appointments while offline
    • Tasks and Calendar Video [4 min]
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  • Create tasks from email messages

    • Add tasks sent to you by email to your task list in Tasktop (Outlook and Gmail)
    • Schedule email tasks to remind you when they need to be done
    • Use email threads for collaborative tasks (GMail only)
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  • Find documents instantly

    • Link your document folders into Tasktop
    • Find files with the integrated search
    • Files you access are automatically tracked as part of a task
    • Instantly recall the files you need by reactivating the task
    • Files and Desktop Video [2 min]
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Tasktop's task-based approach to your work day reduces information overload, helping to make all of the time you spend on work meaningful. Tasktop makes this possible by

  • enabling rich task-based collaboration
  • providing instant recall of the documents and web sites needed to work on a task
  • uncluttering your email inbox
  • focusing your task list on what is important now
  • providing your agenda and reminders of upcoming meetings from multiple calendars
  • providing to-the-minute time tracking per task, helping to improve estimates and complete time sheets quickly

Eliminate time spent searching for email discussions

Tasktop enables you to collaborate on tasks shared amongst your team from your desktop. For each shared task, Tasktop ensures the latest task information is automatically brought to your desktop, allowing you to see when others have added new tasks or provided more information on an existing task. Tasktop shows your these changes in your Tasktop task list. This task-based discussion on your desktop means you can rapidly find all of the information associated with a task, relieving you from finding and searching through your email inbox for related task information.

If you are a software developer, Tasktop connects and provides access to various bug repositories, including Tasktop Partner solutions (e.g., Atlassian's JIRA, Collabnet's Issuezilla, ProjectTracker and SourceForge Enterprise Edition, and Rally) and other repositories supported by compatible Mylyn connectors.

If you are a knowledge worker in another domain, check out for Tasktop's services to provide you with a turn-key shared task solution.

Instant access to documents and web pages for a task

With Tasktop, you can indicate when you start working on a task with a single-click. Tasktop then automatically tracks the web pages and desktop documents you work with and builds a model of how interesting each is for that task. Tasktop uses the model to show you just those pages and documents that are needed for a task. Switching to another task requires simply clicking that task and magically you will see just the information needed for that task. Think of the time you will save not searching for the information you need!

Unclutter your email inboxes

Email inboxes can get cluttered with messages for many reasons. Tasktop can help eliminate two kinds of clutter from your inboxes. First, for shared tasks, Tasktop shows you changes in task status in your task list rather than you receiving notifications in your email inbox. For an active team, this means a significant reduction in flow into your inbox of notification messages. Second, Tasktop enables you to mark particular emails you receive as tasks (currently for Outlook, gmail and imap based email clients) and have them automatically appear in your task list. These task emails can then be scheduled alongside your other tasks. This means no more hunting through your overfull inbox trying to figure out if you have missed anything you were supposed to be doing!

Focus on what you need to do now

It is easy for a task list to become huge. Tasktop ensures you see the tasks you need to work on now with its powerful abilities to focus the task list on what you are supposed to be working on this week or on a particular day. Instead of having to manage your to do items across multiple bug repositories, email and other systems, you can bring the tasks into Tasktop and use one scheduling mechanism to ensure you are getting your work done when you need to.

Know where you need to be

Our workdays are often filled with activity that involves collaborating with others. Much of this collaboration involves events recorded on one or more calendars. Tasktop makes it easy to stay on top of your calendars through an agenda view that aggregates events for the day across multiple calendars and an always visible reminder of what event is coming up next. Tasktop goes even further with its calendar integration, also enabling you to synch tasks to and from your calendar, enabling you to manage your planned tasks from a calendar view.

Know where you spend your time

Do you have to provide estimates for the tasks on which you work? Do you need to complete time sheets? Tasktop can help. The time spent on each activated task is tracked automatically to the minute as is the time you spend without a task active. At any time, you can check your Tasktop dashboard for a quick view of how you have spent your time or generate a report for a specific date range. To help account for time not at the computer, when you generate a time tracking report, it is possible to adjust the time for a specific task. With Tasktop's time tracking, filling in time sheets is a breeze. All time tracked is kept private to you. You can choose to use it to refine estimates for tasks you are assigned or to share directly with your team lead.