Tasktop Sync provides visibility into software development and delivery


For organizations needing to connect development, QA, and project management, the Tasktop Sync solution provides the only enterprise-scale ALM synchronization solution, built on the industry-standard Eclipse Mylyn ALM integration framework.

Unlike previous approaches to ALM synchronization, Tasktop Sync provides real-time synchronization, automated conflict resolution, visual mapping and monitoring, and support for over two dozen ALM tools. Building on Tasktop's Task Federation™ technology, Sync ensures that each stakeholder has access to the data that they need within their tool of choice, even if the data resides across requirements management, Agile development and traditional quality management systems.

For organizations adopting Tasktop Sync, they see:

  • increased visibility and traceability into each siloed constituent of software development and delivery,

  • expanded ability to handle mid-stream changes,

  • improved collaboration and communication between historically siloed departments,

  • increased returns on existing infrastructure and tools, and

  • cross-repository, cross-constituent workflows that dramatically improves the likelyhood of software development success in a timely manner and on budget.

Tasktop Technologies created the revolutionary task-focused interface

Task-focused interfaces make you more productive by organizing your digital work around tasks and showing you only the relevant information for each task, based on how you interact with the information through various software applications. These interfaces reduce the need to repeatedly search and scroll to find information while minimizing the impact of interruptions because information relevant to each task can be instantly recalled.

  • Mylyn is an open source task-focused interface for software developers using the Eclipse platform. Mylyn has been rapidly adopted by hundreds of thousands of Eclipse users and has become the most widely used Eclipse project that is not IBM-sponsored (BZ Media, 2008). The thriving user community has built dozens of connectors to enable the use of Mylyn with their team's project tracking system.

  • Tasktop Dev Enterprise is a full-featured supported product based on Mylyn with additional productivity features. Tasktop Dev extends the productivity benefits of Mylyn to a developer's entire work day by adding task-focused support for activities such as web browsing and working with documents, email and calendars. A standalone version of Tasktop Dev makes the benefits of the task-focused interface accessible to non-technical users.

Task-focused technology is rooted in extensive university research

The concept of a task-focused interface was developed over several years of university research conducted by Dr. Mik Kersten and Dr. Gail Murphy, who are well recognized as software development tooling experts. During that time, Kersten and Murphy refined and validated the technology through a large-scale peer-reviewed study which demonstrated with statistical significance that programmers using the task-focused interface code more and click less, getting more done.

Tasktop is taking productivity to a new level

Tasktop Technologies is now extending the task-focused interface to work with information from more third-party applications and to provide the benefits of task-focus to a wider audience via Tasktop Dev Pro and Tasktop Dev Enterprise. We also offer training and consulting services to the growing number of companies adopting task-focused interfaces to achieve guaranteed productivity gains. Through our partner program, we have worked with companies such as SpringSource (a division of VMware), HP, Atlassian, IBM, Rally, CollabNet, ThoughtWorks Studios, and VersionOne to seamlessly integrate their products with task-focused interface technology.

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