Tasktop's Product Portfolio

syncOur flagship product, Tasktop Sync is an integration server that provides fully automated, enterprise-grade synchronization among the artifacts created and managed within the disparate tools used in software development and delivery organizations. Tasktop Sync works in the background, keeping the flow of information among the practitioners and their tools, constant. Everyone works in their tool of choice, but has real-time access to the changes other team members are making in their tools. Practitioners are better informed and save time. Management has greater visibility across the entire project team, providing information for better decision making and planning.

DataOur latest product, Tasktop Data unlocks software lifecycle data from its application tool silos, and enables the discovery of new insights into the software delivery process. It leverages Tasktop’s unique knowledge of the semantics in the software development and delivery process, and deep knowledge of the tools that support the process, to provide a cross-tool data repository for real-time analytics. By unlocking the data from the purpose-built tools of each discipline, organizations can begin to achieve insights that they are unable to uncover using the reports from their current tools.

Tasktop Dev is our enterprise version of the popular Eclipse Mylyn open source project. Our founder, Dr. Mik Kersten invented the notion of a task-focused IDE when doing his PhD research in developer productivity. He created and leads the Mylyn project as a result of that work. He founded Tasktop to create a more enterprise-scale, fully supported version of Mylyn: Tasktop Dev. Dev provides users of Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio IDE seamless access to their ALM tools without having to leave their IDE of choice. Our experience with this client-side integration gave rise to Tasktop Sync, a server-side integration solution. And our experience with server-side artifact synchronization, gave rise to Tasktop Data.