Tasktop Sync - Quick Reference

Learn about the key features of Tasktop Sync:

  Tasktop Sync Data Sheet (Aug 2013)
Learn general information about Tasktop Sync.
  Tasktop Sync Requirements Data Sheet (Dec 2012)
Learn how to achieve real-time flow of requirements between BAs, developers and testers with Tasktop Sync.
  Tasktop Sync Buy vs Build Whitepaper (Dec 2012)
Learn how Tasktop Sync can simplify Buy vs Build decisions.
  Tasktop Sync Admin Quick Reference by Kaitlin Duck Sherwood (Oct 2011)
In this article you will learn how to administer Tasktop Sync.
  Tasktop Sync OSLC Quick Reference by Kaitlin Duck Sherwood (Nov 2011)
In this article you will learn about task linking with IBM RTC/Change configuration management via OSLC.

Tasktop Dev - Quick Reference

Learn about Tasktop Dev and Mylyn's key features from short PDF references:

  Tasktop Dev Data Sheet (Oct 2011)
Learn the basic facts about Tasktop Dev.
  SCM Integration Overview by David Shepherd (Sep, 2010)
In this article you will learn about Tasktop integration for Source Code Management connectors such as RTC, Perforce, CVS, Subversion and ClearCase.
  Task Links Quick Reference (EA only) by Shawn Minto (Apr, 2012)
This guide will assist you with creating links between tasks on different repositories and across different ALMs (note this feature is only available in EA)
  Mylyn Quick Reference Guide
Overview, tips, keyboard shortcuts, and more [3 page PDF]

Tasktop Datasheets

Learn more about Tasktop Technologies:

  Tasktop Sync Products Data Sheet (May 2012)
This is a quick overview of Tasktop and our products.
  Tasktop Overview (June, 2010)
This guide provides an overview of the benefits of Tasktop's ALM integration for products such as IBM Rational Team Concert, ClearQuest and ClearCase as well as Perforce, VersionOne and ThoughtWorks Studios Mingle.
  Productivity Measurement Quick Reference Guide by David Green (Aug, 2010)
In this article you will learn how to measure and report on productivity using Tasktop's Productivity Measurement system within an Eclipse development environment.