Technical Expertise for ALM Integration

Tasktop’s Consulting Services team combines technical skill with deep experience in a broad range of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products, development tools, and other applications used by software development and deployment organizations.

Our team can provide the professional services necessary to integrate your current disparate development tools into a smoothly running ALM infrastructure. Our Solutions Architects and consulting engineers provide expert deployment and training services for our products, as well as contract development services for custom solutions.

Integration Deployment Services

By working with our team during your first deployment of Tasktop Sync, the Rational Lifecycle Integration Adaptors (RLIA) - Tasktop Edition, or Tasktop Data your team will obtain the guidance and skills-transfer necessary to maintain and extend your integrated ALM infrastructure.

Our consulting team uses a proven methodology embodied in the Tasktop Deployment Project Plan to guide customers through the steps necessary to assess the landscape of ALM tools, define the requirements for their integration, leverage our products for the integration, and deploy a reference implementation and initial solution in a production environment. Because most ALM tools deployments are geographically distributed, we’ve designed this service to be performed remotely, with no need to host our staff on-site.

Once the engagement is completed, your team will be fully trained in the administration of the system and will have the “know how” to expand the deployment without further assistance from Tasktop.

Software Lifecycle Integration Advisory Services

In the process of developing our products and consulting with countless customers, we’ve developed a set of unique skills. Very few organizations understand the inner workings of so many software development tools, or understand how they can be used in unison to create a smoothly running software development and delivery capability.

If your team is struggling to understand how to best leverage the various tools you’ve brought in-house, and how to use them for better cross-discipline collaboration, you should talk to us.

We provide strategic consulting services that are independent of our products, but leverage our deep expertise in the leading ALM systems and techniques. These services are delivered by our senior staff, a team that is uniquely capable of rapidly assessing your organization’s position on the Software Lifecycle Integration Maturity Curve, and providing specific guidance on how to improve your processes.

Education Services

Tasktop provides customized customer training, as well as professional certification. Individuals that enroll in our training, and pass the requirements for the certificate, can be confident that they have the skills necessary to perform Tasktop Sync, Tasktop Data, or RLIA administration on an existing installation, as well as perform analysis and execution for a new deployment. Additionally, training services for organizations doing broad rollouts of Tasktop Dev are also available.