Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) is an emerging discipline within Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) focused on delivering a connected software delivery lifecycle. This discipline emerged from the need for organizations to connect their disconnected software delivery disciplines to increase productivity and quality and reduce cycle times, coupled with the reality that software delivery will always include a collection of tools and different disciplines.

SLI defines a new kind of ALM architecture that supports Lean Software Lifecycles. That architecture includes a common data model based on social tasks and contexts.

From a technology standpoint, standards provide the foundation on which SLI is built. Tasktop is working with the open source community to drive standard creation including two main initiatives, Eclipse Mylyn M4 and Oasis OSLC. 

The Mylyn M4 project extends the client-side integration standard for Eclipse to include server-side integration. This will provide a platform for building the next generation systems of record and engagement for the software delivery industry. 

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is an open standard that describes how software lifecycle tools can share data with one another. It provides a rich set of API's that describe how tools can link data.


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