Support for Visual Studio 2013

Tasktop Dev 3.5 now includes support for Visual Studio 2013 as well as Visual Studio 2010 and 2012.

Support for VersionOne 2013

Tasktop Dev adds support for VersionOne 2013.

Enhancements to Mylyn

Tasktop Dev 3.5 is built on Mylyn 3.11. Tasktop and others contributed the following new features to Mylyn 3.11. See the Mylyn New & Noteworthy for more information.

  • Mylyn 3.11 makes it easier to find what you're looking for in the task editor by adding text search within the comments, description, summary, and private notes.

  • Prioritize the tasks you are responsible for with the "Show only my tasks" filter in the task list.

  • Mylyn 3.11 can automatically remove breakpoints not related to the current task and allows you to share breakpoints with collaborators when attaching context to tasks.

  • Quickly see a summary of build statuses across all of your Hudson and Jenkins servers.

  • Easily navigate between inline comments on Gerrit reviews.

  • Compare old and new versions of images in code reviews using the Gerrit connector.