• Tasktop Dev 2.6.0

    January 24, 2013

    Need a connector?

  • HP Agile Manager Connector

    The Tasktop connector for HP Agile Manager extends the HP ALM/QC connector with support for the Agile Manager hosted service. The connector provides integrated access to User Stories, Defects, and Tasks and fully supports Mylyn’s task-focused interface developer productivity technology.


  • Tasktop for Visual Studio: Support for Visual Studio 2012

    Tasktop for Visual Studio now supports Visual Studio 2012 in addition to Visual Studio 2010.


  • Time Reporting: Drag and Drop Tasks to Time Reports

    You can now drag tasks from your task list or the search view and drop them on a time report to add them to the report. Tasks can be dropped on a specific day or can be dropped on an empty row to prompt for a date.


  • Linked Folders: Ability to Link System Folders

    On Windows, the Tasktop Navigator now allows system folders (e.g. Program Files) to be linked if the option to show hidden files is enabled, and provided your User Account Control settings allow it.

  • Task Links: Automatic Opening of the Links Section Can Be Disabled

    For users who prefer the links section not to be expanded automatically, there is now a preference to disable this behaviour.

Also see the Tasktop ChangeLog for a detailed list of improvements included in this release.