• Improved Attribute Mapping Editor

    Empty values in can now be set when using the Value Mapping Caster configurations.

    Attribute Mappings can be sorted in the Attribute Mapping Editor.

    Literal Value Caster editor shows all values for enumerated types.

  • Improved Schema Generation from Repositories

    Sync can now refresh schemas locally and remotely and is tolerant of partial errors during schema generation.

  • Open Sync Working Folder from Toolbar

    Added "Open Working Folder" toolbar button to allow easy access to scripts and other configuration files.

  • Scripted Multi-Submit State Transitions

    Sync now supports multi-submit attribute handler scripts during synchronization.

  • Limit number of Submissions Synchronizations

    Added configuration option for controlling the limit on number of submissions per synchronization.

  • Backup of a Sync Installation

    Instructions for backup of a Sync installation are now in the user manual.

  • Improved Rich Text Transformations

    Sync can now transform color markup from HTML to Confluence.

  • Connect to Multiple Microsoft Team Foundation Server Repositories and Projects

    The Microsoft Team Foundation Server connector now allows Tasktop Sync and Tasktop Dev users to manage connections to multiple TFS repositories and categories. These connections can now be managed using the standard Tasktop Repository Settings wizard.

  • Quickstart for Microsoft Team Foundation Server

    The Sync Quickstart wizard can now be used to set up a simple synchronization with a Microsoft Team Foundation Server repository.

  • Improved Microsoft Team Foundation Server Comment Synchronization

    Sync can now retrieve comments from Microsoft Team Foundation Server work items and synchronize them with comments from other repositories.

  • Improved Query Performance for HP Quality Center & ALM

    The HP Quality Center & ALM REST connector can now run an existing query for over 10,000 tasks in about two minutes, and can retrieve tasks for a newly created query at a rate of over 1 task per second.

  • Improved HP Quality Center & ALM Comment Synchronization

    Comment synchronization with HP Quality Center & ALM is now more robust and stable.