• Task FederationTM for ALM Interoperability

    Tasktop's Task FederationTM can be deployed to unify an ALM stack. Currently, Task Federation supports IBMs Rational Team Concert (RTC) and HP's Quality Center (QC), and we will be adding federation support for additional Tasktop Certified connectors over time. Via Task FederationTM, Tasktop bi-directionally synchronizes all the key tasks and fields between RTC and QC. In a fairly common use case, RTC has the state needed for planning, while QC remains the system of record for quality management.

    Since each Tasktop client has the full federation functionality and uses Mylyn's hardened bi-direction synchronization functionality and user interface, this solution can be deployed in a scalable and secure fashion without requiring any new servers.


  • Tasktop Agile Planner

    Tasktop's Cross-Repository Agile Planning augments existing planning tools with the ability to show plans across repositories with support for cross-repository dependencies.

    These dependencies appear right in the release plans since Tasktop can display and reconcile state across repositories. Tasktop's fully-native and offline-capable Scrum task board and release planner are integrated within the Eclipse IDE but product managers can also accessed it via the standalone desktop application.

    Since all cross-repository state is stored in existing ALM tools, no new servers are required. Initial cross-repository linking for all of Tasktop's certified connectors is available for the HP Agile Accelerator and Rally. Additional cross-repository planning support will be added in coming months depending on demand.


  • Tasktop for Visual Studio

    Tasktop for Visual Studio brings the ecosystem of Tasktop Certified task connectors into the Visual Studio IDE. Whereas previously only basic integration existed for task management within Visual Studio beyond Microsoft's TFS product, broad Mylyn's functionality is now available for the .NET community, including instant opening of tasks, offline access, the Task List and a full-featured WPF-based task editor. Task-focusing and one-click multitaskingTM will be part of future releases.

    Learn more about Tasktop for Visual Studio.


  • Task Focused Continuous Integration

    Our commercial efforts in Tasktop have been driving framework and open source tool improvements in Eclipse Mylyn. The most notable of these is the new Hudson tooling, which also supports Jenkins. You can now complete your daily work with Hudson entirely from within the Eclipse IDE, including monitoring and running builds, and inspecting results. Accessing build information is instant and available offline. One of the most useful automation features is the ability to run tests that failed on the server within your workspace, with just one click.

    A significant feature that is now available is support for traceability. When your developers are using Tasktop, you can expect perfect traceability between your Hudson builds and the tasks that changed for a given build. This is thanks to the magic of task activation and automatic change set tracking, which provides for an unprecedented level of traceability between your tasks, source and builds.



  • Accept360 Connector

    Let the Tasktop Certified Accept360 Mylyn Connector improve your project visibility and your team's productivity by providing direct access to Accept360 from within the Eclipse IDE and enabling task-focused programming. By facilitating developer updates to Accept360 and immediately notifying developers of development plan updates, the connector provides unprecedented visibility all the way from the developer's desktop to R&D decision makers.

    With the connector, Tasktop's task-focused interface technology reorganizes the IDE around Accept360 artifacts, focusing developers' view on only the relevant information and enabling one-click multitasking and interruption recovery.

    Learn more about the Accept360 Connector.

  • Polarion Connector

    The Polarion Mylyn Connector improves project visibility and drives productivity by providing direct access to Polarion Track & Wiki and Polarion Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) from within the Eclipse IDE. Polarion Track & Wiki provides an all-in-one bug tracking, wiki collaboration and version control solution. Polarion ALM provides a full-featured ALM platform with support for requirements, tests, Agile development and more.

    The Polarion Connector provides direct access to both Polarion Track & Wiki or Polarion ALM from within the Eclipse IDE or a standalone desktop application. The connector supports advanced features such as time tracking reports, work records, revision history, and flexible relationships between tasks.

    Learn more about Polarion Connector.

  • Improved Associations Functionality

    The improved Associations section located in the task editor has the following new features:

    • Expands and highlights any changes to associations made since the last viewing of the task
    • The associations viewer changes size to show all currently listed associations, eliminating the need for scrolling
    • Section header now includes a quick overview of the associations
    • Parent and children tasks that are not in the task list are displayed, so that they can be easily opened


  • Hierarchies for HP ALM

    HP ALM requirements now show their hierarchy in the Task List view. This allows users to quickly see a similar hierarchy as in the Quality Center web UI so that they can understand the dependencies. This feature can be disabled via the "Additional Controls" section in the Task Repository settings page for the repository.


  • Addition of SVN Commit information to HP ALM Tasks

    Information about source code changes made for a given defect or requirement is displayed within HP ALM. Developers can submit information about their last commit directly from the IDE through the embedded defect or requirement editor. This allows for visibility and traceability of changes from within Quality Center. This is supported for Subversion with either the Subclipse or Subversive SVN integration installed.

    An updated version of the IDE Customization will be required so that the memo field where this information should be recorded can be configured.


    HP ALM Versioning Support

    Users with versioning enabled for the HP requirements can now use the Tasktop integration to update their requirements without using the web UI. Tasktop automatically checks out and checks in the requirement when changes are submitted so that users do not need to perform this action explicitly before making changes.

    Please also see Mylyn New and Noteworthy page for the new features of Mylyn 3.5.