• Tasktop Dev 2.1.0

    August 9, 2011

    Need a connector?

  • Support for HP ALM 11 on Mac, Linux and 64-bit Windows

    HP ALM Requirements, Defects and Tests can now be retrieved on Mac, Linux and 64-bit Windows machines using the REST connection provided by ALM 11 instead of the native connection. This feature is only supported when connecting to ALM 11 Patch 2 or higher.


  • HP ALM Tests

    You can now bring HP ALM Tests into your Task List along side your HP ALM Defects and Requirements.


  • HP ALM Workflow

    Many HP ALM repositories have workflow that customizes user interaction by dynamically changing which fields are visible, which are editable, which are required, and what values are permitted. The Tasktop HP ALM connector now has support for workflow that is defined on the server using the IDE customizer. With Tasktop's workflow support you can use information about the user and the open task, including field values, to customize user interaction similarly to what is supported in the HP ALM web UI.

    See http://help.tasktop.com for more information.

  • Time Tracking Reports Accessible from Main Toolbar

    Quickly access your latest 10 time tracking reports from the main toolbar instead of always opening the Time Tracking Dashboard. You can also create new reports from the toolbar, making report creation fast and simple.


  • Tasktop for VS: Ability to open Tasktop Companion Application

    Tasks can now be opened in the Tasktop Companion application when there are features that are unavailble in Tasktop for Visual Studio that you need access to (e.g. attachments). Also, the Tasktop Companion task editor will be used automatically when Tasktop for Visual Studio does not have the proper support for the repository that you are connected to (i.e. the repository is an HP ALM repository with workflow enabled).


  • Tasktop for VS: Ability to View Task Associations

    The Visual Studio task editor now displays task associations, making it easy to see the parent and child relationships and external dependencies inside Visual Studio. Double-clicking an associated task opens it in the task editor, allowing you to quickly access its content.


  • Changes to the Release Plan Can be Saved Offline

    Save your release plan changes offline so that they can be submitted later, allowing you to plan while not connected to the network. When back online, the release plan will be updated with the latest information from the repository and the incoming changes will be merged with the changes that were saved locally.

  • Planner Story Board and Kanban

    The planning tools now support Kanban, including a story board and WIP limits.

    • The story board makes it easy to plan at a more abstract level than when using the release planner or the task board, by allowing you to see and edit the status of your stories without diving down into the details of their subtasks. Of course, these details are still available on the task board and on the release plan.
    • Both the story board and task board now support WIP (Work In Progress) limits, which allow you to define limits on how many tasks or stories should have a given status such as "In Progress" at the same time. When there are too many or too few tasks or stories with a given status, the column corresponding to that status is highlighted in the task or story board and a warning message is displayed. WIP limits are only supported when using HP Agile Accelerator.


  • Release Plan Can be Grouped by Activtiy or Assignee

    The release planner now supports grouping stories and tasks by activity or assignee, allowing you to organize your planning around these high level concepts. You can expand only the groups of interest to you while keeping the other groups readily accessible. You can also select several tasks and drag them to a different group, making it easy to change the activity or assignee for multiple tasks at once.


  • Focus on My Tasks

    The task board and story board now include a "Focus on My Tasks" button which shows you only the tasks or stories that are assigned to you.


Also see the Tasktop ChangeLog for a detailed list of improvements included in this release.