Tasktop for Microsoft 

Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) provides work item tracking, source control and Agile project management for the software delivery lifecycle. When combined with Tasktop Sync, TFS provides an ALM backbone for both Visual Studio and heterogeneous development projects. Tasktop Sync synchronizes all artifacts to TFS, even including those not created or owned by TFS. This enables TFS to provide cross-project tool reporting and process governance across a complex and fragmented tools stack. By integrated third party tools with TFS, organizations increase project visibility, collaboration and control which results in improved productivity, quality and ultimately shorter development cycles.

Spotlight on Tasktop, Microsoft Partner
  • Features

  • Benefits

    • Synchronize and link TFS artifacts to third party tools with Tasktop Sync, a server based integration hub.
    • Visual map TFS artifacts to third party artifacts describing how attributes and processes map between the two tools.
    • Cross-project monitoring, allowing the ALM administrator to see artifacts move between tools.
    • Support for TFS reporting and traceability, even if the artifacts neither originate nor are owned by TFS.
    • Integrate non-TFS artifacts into the TFS warehouse, allowing for analytics and trend analysis.
    • Enable collaboration on TFS artifacts within third party tools.
    • Improve team collaboration by connecting TFS to 3rd party tools and allow artifacts to be synchronized across the lifecycle.
    • Enable consistent TFS defined process to be surfaced in 3rd party tools.
    • Support cross tool traceability and reporting removing the need for manual processes and spreadsheets.
    • Allow TFS to connect to external tools outside of the firewall.
    • Provide insights on project data across tool boundaries.