Eclipse Kepler DemoCamp 2013, June 25th, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tasktop Technologies, the Eclipse Foundation, and Pivotal hosted Eclipse Kepler DemoCamp in downtown Vancouver. The DemoCamp brought Eclipse enthusiasts, faculty and students who work with the Eclipse IDE. There was a number of short presentations (watch videos from the event), as well as a chance to socialize over drinks and snacks. After the event everyone headed out to a nearby pub.


Welcome to the event and intros from David Green and Andrew Eisenberg...

...followed by the social game...
This year, we played the Big Data game. Each attendee was asked to gather data about all other attendees. After the game, the data was collected, collated. It is now ready to be map-reduced by Hadoop. Here are the results:

Yes No
Attended EclipseCon? 6 31
Commiter? 8 16
Student? 10 19
Created plugin? 21 9
Raised a bug? 8 7
Contributed? 10 13
Program daily? 40 5
Java? 21 8
IntelliJ? 0 29
Netbeans? 0.5 47
CS degree? 16 4

...and then the presentations...

David Green (Tasktop) Showed off the new super-secret tooling in Eclipse for working with GitHub.

Nieraj Singh and Kris De Volder (Pivotal) showed some of the new features of Spring Tool Suite 3.3.0, including the new Quick search feature and getting started guides.

Rafael Chaves (Abstratt) presented Cloudifier, a platform for rapid application development/deployment built on Eclipse Orion.

Deepak Azad (UBC) demoed new features in Eclipse JDT for the Kepler release, mostly the new quick fixes and null type inferencing improvements.

Robin Salkeld (UBC) introduced holographic JVMs and a way to debugging Java heap dumps. His technique allows you to attach a Java debugger to a heap dump and then execute queries against it using the Java debug interface.

Brendan Cleary (UVic Chisel) showed off Atlantis, which is a file viewer for massively huge files (60 Gb+). They described how Atlantis is used by the Canadian government for analyzing trace files to look for potential security breaches.

After the last presentation everyone headed out for drinks to celebrate another successful Eclipse DemoCamp.

See you all next year!